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Rover Plus Nine Softball, (our name comes from the 10th position in slow-pitch softball), has been serving the wider softball community across North America since the mid-90's. A small group of Softball Players originally created the company in southern California. We've been online since 2000 at, with a commitment to providing innovative products designed with lasting durability, top comfort, and custom-style. With everything we do, our motto is Play hard or go home.™

Innovation is part of the Rover DNA: We were the first softball uniform company to offer custom sidebraid for softball pants from our website. We were the first company to broadly offer custom-style pants with contrasting loops and pocket flaps, and braid trim. We were the first company to offer custom-made sizes, without a minimum.

We are detail-focused, so that every item we design and make exceeds our standards for workmanship, durability, comfort, and aggressive styling. Players tell us all the time that they can tell the difference in our gear from the moment they take it out of the box. We stand behind the workmanship on everything we make and will replace, exchange or refund for any defect from manufacturing.

We not only stock a LOT of great custom-style softball pants and softball gear (like Softball Backpacks, Belts, Hats), but also offer some incredible custom-made options for individuals and teams. For example, for any pant where your size is not available, click the "Make my Size" link. We will custom-make pants to your size typically in just a couple of weeks, with no minimum.

Our creative team custom jersey designs, in our own styles of moisture-management shirts are very popular with teams looking for high-quality softball uniforms custom-created to colors, details, sizes and an individual custom look. Whether for a team looking to outfit themselves in the best softball pants and custom jerseys available, or for the individual player who appreciates quality, style and comfort --- Rover Plus Nine Softball has the right products for everyone on the field today.

Check out our best selling Black Label Softball Pants. Some tips to find the softball gear you want are Below.

You can always use the SEARCH box on the upper left if you are after something specific, and there's usually great info on the right hand side in the last column, showing special offers, or info on what softball uniform options and softball gear other players have purchased.

Rover is proud to make 99% of our products right here in the United States. Why do we make our professional grade softball uniforms here and not in some sweat shop overseas? Surely, it’s cheaper to do that, right?

Yes – it’s cheaper to make softball pants or shirts in China or Vietnam or some other third world country – but cheaper is rarely better. At Rover, we don’t believe in compromise. So we won’t put out an inferior product, period. Yes, it costs a little more, but our professional quality softball pants and custom team jerseys are so much better, (we believe the BEST softball pants and custom jerseys on fields today), that we feel it’s worth it.

We currently manufacture our softball uniforms in Fort Worth, Texas, which is also where our offices are now located. We are committed to American Jobs and "Made in America" Products because making our products in the USA gives us Outstanding Quality Control and the ability to offer Custom Designs, typically in one to three weeks, that cannot be found at other suppliers.

So if you’re looking for cheap softball pants, we’re probably not for you. And frankly, good luck, because the old adage “you get what you pay for” applies in the softball world too.

BUT if you’re a softball player looking for the BEST workmanship, the BEST pant fabrics, the BEST jersey designs, the BEST performance, the MOST COMFORTABLE softball pants and softball team jerseys out there, then you should check out our softball gear. Compare it side-by-side to ANY other company out there, and we’re sure you’ll agree, that Rover’s Made in America softball uniforms are worth every penny.

For the 2015 Softball Season, Rover has some Great Softball Team Deals on softball uniforms for your team. For over a decade, Rover has outfitted softball teams across the country and Canada, whether tournament teams traveling every week or softball league teams playing hard locally.

We work hard for our income -- and we know you do too, so for 2015, Rover has team uniform packages for your team, starting at JUST $64.95 per player for a team jersey combo. Plus we have another FIVE TEAM PACKAGES for combinations of Custom style Softball Pants, and Custom Jersey Shirts, and Softball Team Hats... all at LESS THAN $100 per player.

Select the link here (Softball Team Buy-in Packages 2015) to see the full run down of our Softball Team package deals.

Some of the highlights:

And unlike some of the other companies out there, Rover won't hit you with a bunch of setup charges or screen charges or art fees. You get custom team gear, made in the USA, to the Highest Standards of Quality, Durability, Comfort and Style. We're proud to say that our Softball Pants, for example, are better made than even the pants the MLB teams wear. Check them out and just like thousands of other softball players across the country, we're sure you'll agree that Rover's Quality, Comfort, Style and Durability is tough to beat.Lots of companies like Boombah or Sports55 for example lure you in with cheap softball pants and cheap jerseys, and then hit you with fees to decorate them -- setup charges, number charges, name fees. Not at Rover...

Rover is all about choices. Maybe it was too much sugared cereal when we were kids, but we have to admit -- we get bored easily. So we like to mix it up, and get creative and we think you and your softball team will too.

That's why we offer almost unlimited options for softball team uniforms, whether you're looking for a traditional baseball uniform look or your strategy is hurting the other team's eyes with a set of lime green pants and jerseys... Whether it's custom softball pants, made-to-order to fit comfortably, or our custom wicking jerseys for your team or a set of professional quality baseball or softball hats made in America, we offer softball teams the ultimate in custom options.

Custom Pants: Rover's Black Label Custom Softball Uniform Program offers you "made-to-order" custom pants, made to each player's specifications --- whether for a team or even for individual player's who want the ultimate softball pants. Our Professional Grade Softball Pants are made right here in the USA. We've worked hard to create a custom-made softball pant progam that offers all kinds of custom features including your choice of over 200 sidebraid options from Piping up to 3" multi-color sidebraids and dye-sublimated printed options.

Further trick your custom-made softball pants by adding contrasting or matching pocket flaps, contrasting pocket welts, or simply going with the more traditional dual set-in pockets instead of flaps. You can make your softball pant as individual as you are with contrasting belt loops, adding trim around the belt loops and more! Rover's Custom Softball Pants in our "Made-To-Order" pant program are only a TWO pair minimum. Yeah -- you read that right. Two pants is the minimum to design your own softball pant and have it made.

Need extra long softball pants?
No Problem -- we've done inseams as long as 41". (Dude was 6'9".)

Need extra large waist sizes?
Try up to 60" waists. Yeah, we've made pants that big. Rover quality -- supersized.

Custom Team Jerseys: We offer a broad range of high-quality, wicking, moisture-management team jerseys with full-color custom logos, player's names and numbers, sponsor info with NO Hidden Fees. No art fees, no screen fees, no setup charges at all. (We don't like being nickel-and-dimed on hidden charges so we don't do it.) Whether you're ordering our standard wicking team jerseys or our full dye, all-over sublimated team jersey shirts, we're sure our art department and production teams can get you softball uniform shirts you'll love.

Custom Team Hats: Our philosphy on baseball hats or softball hats is the same as our thinking on the rest of our gear: Why settle for some cheap hat made in some Chinese sweatshop, with some lousy screen-printed front? Why not go for a custom softball hats that are super-comfortable, and have performance features like a wicking headband, and are completely custom -- you pick the colors, you choose the embroidery and the details... Custom-made just for your softball team.

For team orders, we can do custom softball uniform pants in more options than we show online, through our Custom-made Softball Pant program. (For example, teams are virtually unlimited in the choice of braids they want for their custom pants. We'll make the braid up for you.)

Call 817-562-5300 or email.

We're proud of our Rover softball gear and products, and frankly we could BLAB all day long about how great our Custom Softball Pants are or what a great deal our Custom Softball Jerseys are... BUT What do REAL players say about their custom softball gear from Rover Plus Nine?

And by the way: Some guys ask: "You make this stuff up, right?" Actually, in a word, NO. These are legit, and usually unsolicited. Players like their gear so much -- they email us.


Want to read more? Check out what other softball players recommend as they rave about their Rover Softball Gear.

We're always super-satisfied with what we get from you guys. I've worn Southland, Powers, Boombah, etc... and your Black Label [softball pants] leave 'em all in the Afghani DUST.
- Ryan B., Proudly Serving in Afghanistan

Just wanted to tell you how happy we were with the [team softball] shirts we got from you...  We are so very happy with what we have.  The graphics are very cool and the shirt is very breathable.
- Ulysses D., Houston, TX

softball players sayRover is by far the best [softball] pants out there and they are all I wear. It seem like the majority of pIayers I come across are stuck on a few other manufacturers and there aren't many guys in this area that has ever worn Rovers but always compliment me on mine.softball players say
- Mike K., Louisville, KY

softball players sayI currently play tournament and league ball with teams from around the bay area. I picked up a couple pairs of your pants and would never wear anything else!....softball players say
- JB., South Bay, CA

softball players sayOur team this year ordered your package 2 for our Team ODAAT full dye [sub jersey shirts], and everyone in our organization just loved them so job well done..softball players say
- Betsy F., Seattle, WA

softball players sayRover Plus Nine Softball provides high quality merchandise with excellent customer service to back it up.. The quality of their website and measurement instructions make for an easy transaction and a very positive experience. You will receive high compliments on how PRO these pants look ... Guaranteed!softball players say
- John M., Santa Monica, CA

softball players sayI got my softball [softball or baseball] pants I have ever gotten. Could not be more pleased.......will be ordering more soon. Have been playing baseball / softball for many years, quality like this is harder to find than you would think. We still play division 1 tournaments where teams are wearing poo poo Sports Authority pants. I will spread the word, because you guys have great stuff.softball players say
- Brian C., Lovettesville, VA

softball players sayWe just recieved our team uniforms and we are very impressed with the quality and turn around time. The uniforms came out great!! I will be reccomending Rover Plus Nine to all teams that may be interested in [softball] pants, [custom team] jersey's or uniforms. I am very impressed with how you and your company responded to my e-mails in a timely fashion and went over every aspect to the last detail till production.softball players say
- Colby B., Northampton MA

softball players sayI know the quality of your equipment so I trust you ... By the way, I wore your [softball] pants all year and didn't get a single tear. Even after all of the sliding. Great work and keep the quality coming!! softball players say
- John M., Military Team, Stuttgart Germany

softball players sayWhat a great pair of pants [Rover's Black Label relaxed fit softball pants]. No one can beat these pants. Light weight and cool. Order your normal size but add one inch on the length and they'll be perfect. Great job all the way around. I will never buy anywhere else again.softball players say
- Jon B., Montgomery, IL

softball players sayRoverPlus Nine... most comfortable and true fit pant on the market. softball players say
- Russ F., NH

softball players sayHey man i really appreciate the work you guys did with our [Black Label Commander softball] pants. They look awesome! Thanks for getting them to us so fast, we can wear them this weekend for our first tourney. You guys do great work and i will refer your business to everyone i know.softball players say
- Ted R., Puyallup, WA

softball players sayI made the call on Wednesday and by Friday afternoon I was wearing my new pair of [Black Label relaxed fit softball pants]. Needless to say I wore my pants all season along (I even sold my Boombahs) and never had a problem with tears, fading or the heat. This, along with your "go the extra mile" service is why we are switching to RPN this year.softball players say
- John H., Cape Girardeau, MO

softball players sayI also bit on the Classic Yanks and got them yesterday. Hands down the best pair of softball pants I've ever put on. I'm extremely satisfied with them and glad I bit on finally ordering a real pair of pants instead of the junkers I've been wearing.softball players say
- Crash1207, SBF Message Board


Rover Plus Nine Softball specializes in Custom Softball Uniforms -- Custom Softball Pants, Custom Jersey Shirts, Custom Softball Hats, and more -- serving Softball Players throughout the United States and Canada who not only have a love for the game of Softball but also appreciate the best softball uniforms available today. We firmly believe that our Softball Pants, Softball Shirts and Jerseys, Custom Softball Logos and Softball Hats will compare favorably to any other manufacturer in the market and on Softball Fields today. Try Rover's Softball Gear and see why many players say nothing else compares.