Rover Sponsor/Partner Program

Now Accepting Applications for 2018 Season

What is a Rover Sponsor/Partner

We love our customers! Year after year we have the pleasure of providing quality custom uniforms to customers who play hard on the softball field. We want to give back. We have a Sponsor/Partner program to provide discounted uniforms to returning customers who love the Rover brand!

Base Sponsor Package

With a team purchase of Rover's Softball Pants, Rover provides a team set of Full Dye Jerseys in your team colors, with your player names and numbers for only $19.95 each (reg. price $39.95). While your team name must be Rover Plus Nine, or for example: Rover Plus Nine/Hitmen, you can include additional sponsors on the sleeves of the Jerseys.

As you play in league or tournaments, upload photos and keep us up-to-date on your team via our Rover Plus Nine Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Later in the year, Rover will review and may offer your team additional free gear or discounted gear options such as custom hats, jerseys, shorts, etc. Teams will be promoted to higher levels of sponsorship based on communication, commitment to the sport, and other aspects of their promotional partnership with Rover.

Basic Requirements

A. PANTS: Teams purchase 12 or more Rover Softball Pants (your choice of style and colors).
B. BANNER: It is required that you hang a Rover Plus Nine banner whenever you play - available for free from Rover with security deposit.
C. NAME: Team name on all tournament and league schedules to be "Rover Plus Nine","", or "Rover Plus Nine/(additional name)".
D. SOCIAL MEDIA: Teams must upload pictures and post team updates to Rover's various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Interaction can vary from posting, to commenting and tagging, depending on the situation.

Application Process

To apply for a sponsorship, please contact our offices at 817-562-5300. You must have previously ordered team products from Rover. If you are not currently a team customer and would like to become one, please give us a call. We want your team to understand and appreciate the quality, design and service that Rover offers, so that we can count on you to promote Rover within a sponsor-partner setting.


Please remember: Rover gets A LOT of requests for sponsorship, and as much as we’d like to, we simply cannot sponsor every team that asks.
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