Rover Rewards:
Save $$$ on your Rover Gear

Rover has a brand new softball rewards program where you can get discounted or even Free Softball Gear from our high-quality line of softball gear and softball pants. Sign up for your free account from Rover Plus Nine today. Rover now offers a Loyal Customer program, called Rover Rewards.


(It's Free, and Easy!) For every purchase you make at, you earn points toward your next online purchase from Rover. Our online store will track your points... all you have to do is reap the rewards!

"How many points does it take to buy something?"

For every dollar you spend Online-- you'll earn one point. Redeem them to get 5% to 10% off on your next purchase.
TODAY: 100 Rover Points will save you $5.

Periodically, Rover may also run special promotions, where you can earn double or even triple Rover Rewards for your purchases. (There is a minimum purchase of $29.95 in order to use your points.)

"What do I have to do?"
It's actually VERY simple. Just 3 Easy Steps:

1. Create an account (click "LOGIN TO ROVER REWARDS" to start now) to become a member.
2. "Sign in" whenever you come to the Rover website or during checkout.
3. At checkout, you can choose to redeem any points you have available.
Any time you're logged in, you can see your point total at the upper left, above the links. The account is free -- it's just our way of saying "thanks" for coming back to Rover.